Monster Mash

It’s thursday night.

Paula has come back back from a trip in Portland, and she has brought back an array of goodness that we can’t usually get up here.  I made some chicken burgers, and Paula brought the beer (and some cider, but that’s another story).

monster-mash2This is Monster Mash.

Its an Imperial Porter, of which I have had a few that never really seem to deliver.  This one, though, was delicious.

It’s a seasonal brew from Lompoc Brewery. 8%, dark and strong scented.  A slight coffee and chocolate taste, but once it hits the tongue there is pretty much no aftertaste.  An easy pour, not much head, and at first we stared at our glasses in hesitation.  We’ve tried some Imperial Porters before, and often I find that they just have too much funk.  Just a little too…burnt.  Not so with the Monster Mash, and hey, it’s got a great name.  (As a side note, I love the labels.)

Final verdict?  10 out of 10.

Monster Mash


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