Muskoka Harvest Ale

Another quiet night, after a long days work.  Let’s try a new beer.

This is a Muskoka harvest Ale (with some salad, which might be a bad idea).


It’s another seasonal brew, which I do always try but rarely buy a second time.  Let’s go over the specs.  Off the shelf form the Beer Store, this was a total random purchase.  Muksoka has some great beers, I generally enjoy both the Cream Ale and the Mad Tom IPA, but this one falls short.  7%, and a vintage 2013.  “Vintage”?  Really?  I like beer, and when I like it I really like it.  But ‘vintage’ beer? If anyone knows how that works, I’d love an explanation.

K, I’ll let that go and have a taste.

After the Girl (who saw the cork and spent a few minutes cursing as she wrestled it into opening) took a sip straight from the bottle, I poured it into a glass and had to let it sit for the head to calm down.  Hops, yep.  Like a Tank House or even the Mad Tom.  A bit of fruit to the scent.  Bitter aftertaste, and a lingering aftertaste at that.  Still there.  Bubbly, and yes, it is strong.

The label tells of a “grassy character, reminiscent of the freshly cut harvest”, which I just don’t taste.  I like hops, but I’d rather have a Tankhouse.

Yeah, this was a bad pour...

Final verdict? 3 out of 10.

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