Wellington Bike Ryed Kölsch & Barley Days Harvest Gold Ale

Well, yesterday was, as my wife puts it, our “month-iversary”.  We were married a month ago, where we had to push to get both Guinness & the lovely Waupoos Cider brought in.  (On a side note, because the girl is such a cider fan, you should check out Waupoos.)

We went out, because we are such creatures of habit, to our favourite table at Castro’s.  Two nice pints from their Cask selection, and two get burritos along with some great blue grass from a live band.

Wellington Bike Ryed Kölsch

4.7 %

On the chalkboard was their usual array of featured beers and cask ales.  I started with the Wellington Bike Ryed Kölsch.  A German Kölsch with a bit of rye malt, crafted in nearby Guelph, Bike Ryed is a soft and easy summer beer, tasty and yet gentle bit of bitter.

A nice scent, and that is where the subtle hints of rye come through most.  Thinner than I expected based on the head, but heavily carbonated.

All in all, I give it 7 out of 10.


Barley Days Harvest Gold Ale


Alright, let’s take a moment for Barley Days here.  As a once resident of Kingston and a lover of Picton and Prince Edward County in general, I feel that I should point out the general awesomeness of Barley Days.  Head out to the brewery if you’re making a wine tour of the county (including some cider), it’ll be worth it.  Great people, open and welcoming, and you might just get a spontaneous tour.

I’ve had the Harvest Gold before, and it is much better than their lighter Loyalist Lager.  The cask, though, well the cask just puts it up and above.  A little deceiving, as their is no scent, but a clear lingering taste without any overpowering bitter qualities.

Trying not to be biased, this gets a 7 out of 10 from me.

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