Schneider Weisse Tap 6 Aventinus


This was a bit ago, but please be patient.  I was  busy playing video games doing research.

Went out a few weeks ago with some friends out for a evening, and had a steadily declining array of beers.  Sometimes it happens, when you go out to try some new things, and eventually you just find yourself craving a Moosehead.  Yeah, that kind of night.

No matter what we got…it just got worse.

The Aventinus was meant to be the saving grace, but alas, it was not be be.

Pricey.  Lots of head which didn’t really go anywhere.  It’s been described as a ‘big beer’, and while it was smooth, it was hard to get over the taste and smell.  This was hard to get through.  What is that?  Banana?  Yeah…smells like banana. Is this a thing?  Do others find it pleasant? Now, to be honest, I do not usually go in for the traditional german beers.  At more than 8%, the alcohol taste is very present.  Though, when I think about it,  I’ve had quite a few stronger beers that do not have that much alcohol in the flavour.

Maybe my palette isn’t as refined as it should, or maybe the onslaught of the previous two or three disappointing beers lingered too much, but this one gets a 1 out of 10 from me.

(Still didn’t get a Moosehead, though we might have had a Guinness on the way home to clear our heads.)


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