Mill Street Weizenbock

Alright, so after my bad times with traditional German beers, I found that the Mill Street taster pack has – wait for it – a German weizenbock.

Mill Street Weizenbock

Mill Street Weizenbock

Well, while it isn’t horrible, better than the Schneider Weisse Tap 6 Aventinus, the weizenbocks just aren’t for me.  Better smell to the Mill Street, the banana scent is still here, but not overpowering.  Seemed like a proper amount of head this time, not the overreaching and all encompassing five inches of foam I have experienced previously.

Mill Street’s Weizenbock is a 7.5%, unfiltered strong wheat beer.mill-street-weizenbock_2

It has a warm, caramel after taste, which might be the only bit that makes it for me.  There is something earthy, almost sour in its flavour.  Wanna know more about bocks?

As much as I am trying to appreciate the flavours of all these beers with an opened and unbiased mind, I realize something as I watch the snow fall passed the streetlight outside my window.  It’s colder now, the first real winter snow possibly in the works as I think about the beer in my hand.

Does that help?  I can’t help but wonder, as it goes down easier than before.  A cool November evening might be the way to have a traditional German beer, though maybe I’ll wait till it gets a fair bit colder before trying it out again.

Better than the last one I had, but the Mill Street Weizenbock only gets 3 out of 10 from me.

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