Whistler Brewing Company

Well, Christmas is here once more, and this year I found myself travelling west to visit family and see the beauty of both Whistler and Victoria.  (Alas, Vancouver, you’ll have to wait for next time…maybe.  I may just find myself spending my next trip west carting myself further through Victoria and Vancouver Island, in which case Vancouver will have to wait.)

Well, in a previous post I mentioned a Imperial Espresso Black Tusk Ale by Whistler Brewing Company.  My interest was peaked, and while there I wanted to sample more.  Please allow me to introduce Whistler Brewing Company’s Chestnut Ale.  If you’ve already met this little gem, you can probably guess what I am gonna say.

Chestnut Ale

Chestnut Ale on the left. Foundry is on the right, and the remains of a Caesar in behind.

Valley Trail Chestnut Ale

Simply put, this is tasty and rich.  Sweet, but not sugary.  Yes, roasted chestnuts are there, but the strongest tastes are that of vanilla and malted caramel.  It’s a small batch, and not around permanently, so try some if you can before its gone.  Note, it is a deliciously strong taste, don’t set yourself up to drink more than one or two in an evening.  My rating, 9 out of 10.

Alright.  Moving on.


Bear Paw, Chestnut Ale, Whiskey Jack

Bear Paw Honey Lager

A timid note to an otherwise great line up, though by no means horrible.  The Bear Paw is a very smooth and very traditional honey lager.  easy to drink, little to no aftertaste.  No smell, reminds me of a light beer, though it is up at 5%.  Final verdict for me, 4 out of 10.

Whiskey Jack Ale

Right, the Whiskey Jack.  What a name.  One of my favourite fantasy characters, and like the character has a poor ending.  It’s a little bit hoppy, just enough  for a quick mouthful, quickly bitter and pleasant.  Split a pitcher with friends, though it doesn’t really work with a meal or any other beers.  6 out of 10.

And lastly, though maybe I should not have ended on this one, the Powder Mountain Lager.

powder mountain lager

Powder Mountain Lager

The weakest link, just as regular and simple as the Bear Paw, but without any funk.  Default, typical.  Crisp and clean, it’d be a great palette cleanser between real beers.  For me, 3 out of 10.

All in all, and maybe because I do like stronger sweeter beers, the Chestnut Ale won me over.  I’d drink the Whiskey Jack again in a heartbeat, and despite not being so fond of the Bear Paw or Powder Mountain, I’d pick up anything Whistler Brewing Company puts out with an eager appetite.  Merry Christmas!


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