Boundary Ale

Boundary Ale, with a spicy, green olive pizza

Boundary Ale, with a spicy, green olive pizza

Boundary Ale

To start, yes, it is made by Moosehead in Saint John, New Brunswick.  Forget that.  The label says ‘Premium & Well-crafted’, and it is.  A fair bit of earthy hops, a bit bitter with a touch of citrus.  Aromatic and well balanced, though I could see how people could find it slightly… well… mild.

To tell the story, some friends and I have been trying our hand our some home brews, and last weekend we got together to do just that.  (Don’t worry, I’ll tell that story soon, just not yet.)  Well, of course, while we were making beer, we were drinking beer.  Boundary was one of those beers, and maybe it was just because it was a good time, but I really enjoyed it.  Easy to have few, and it seemed to only help enhance any other beers we were having.

Boundary AleWell, had a few more tonight, with a spicy pizza.  And that’s when I realized it might be the best damn beer to have with spicy food.  Beer has always been great paired with spice, but this just brought out the flavour.

The details?

39 IBU

Interesting to note, the label lists the hops and malts used.

Hops: cascade, chinook, east kent goldings, fugglesMalts: pale 2 row, caramel, carastan, crystal, dark crystal, munich, black

Worth a try, for sure.  Pair it with food, something spicy.  Final verdict?  I give it 7 of out 10.


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