Nickel Brook Cuvée

Nickel Brook Cuvée

Nickel Brook Cuvée (2013) – Bourbon Barrel Aged

Well, how do I begin…

I was taken in by the fancy label and wax top. I should have known better.  This is Nickel Brook’s Cuvée, and it’s pretty damn bad.

Worst. Beer. Ever.

worst beer ever.

Here are the details:

19 I.B.U.
Spiced Strong Ale
2013 Reserve, brewed in Burlington, Ontario

I’m always up for beers aged in alcohol barrels.  Yes, it may be a bit of a gimmick at the moment, but there are some which really do it well.  Innis and Gunn, for example.  This, sadly, does not.

There are a flurry of flavours here: fig, raisin, hop, vanilla, orange, cinnamon.  ‘Fruits, Herbs, Spices’, the bottle reads.  Well, the herbs come through the strongest.  Like jägermeister.  A lot like jägermeister.  Too much for my tastes.

Nickel Brook

It has a nice pour, and a strong smell, but for me the herbs come through with too much potency.  A rich auburn colour, a was really hopeful for this one.  Nickel Brook has never sat well with me, but I keep hoping.  This was the last time I bother.  It’s not often I pour out a pint, but I could not stomach it.

Final verdict for me?  0 out 10.  This is one of the all time worst.  I’d rather drink old english.  Through a straw.

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