Scrimshaw Oyster Stout

Oyster Stout from Barley Days in Picton

Oyster Stout from Barley Days in Picton


Oysters?  Really?  Uh…alright, I’ll try it…

I’ve mentioned Barleys Days Brewery before, but it definitely warrants more posts.  I used to live out that way so yes, I am a little biased, but this little brewery is a really sweet place if you’re ever passing through Picton.  They’re friendly, with a little tasting bar and some taps set up in you want to just sit and have a pint.

This is their oyster stout, called ‘Scrimshaw’.  I didn’t know much about oyster stout before having this, but if you want some reading up on it here’s a link to some up what it’s all about.  Want a summary?  Okay, you’ve been good.  Back in Victorian England people drank bittersweet stout while eating oysters.  They liked the taste together.  For a while, ‘oyster stout’ just meant you were having them, together.  Then some dude in the late 1800’s realized oyster shells worked as a good clarifying agent to his brew.  Then some other dude just stared adding oysters shells directly to his wort, boiling them in with the barley and hops.  Then, finally, some third dude took out the shells and added the oyster meat into the boiling wort.

scrimshaw oyster stout

Bitter and dry, yes, with subtle oyster undertones.

Well, back to this one, the Scrimshaw from Barley Days, is pretty good.

The Barley Days site says this beer has hints of coffee and chocolate, though I don’t really find that those notes come through.  It’s an Irish stout, dry, without much head.  A light beer brewed with oysters and oatmeal.  The oysters, so the bottle says, are single bed  Green Gables Oysters from New London Bay, PEI.  4% alcohol and an IBU of 25, this would be a great stout to drink on a cold night, in a pub on the seaside, and indeed, eating oysters.

Oh wait.  Hang on, it’s been a few minutes since I’ve finished my first and the chocolate and coffee is lingering, just there on my taste buds…

Oh boy, I think I like this one.  Not a summer beer, not a beach beer to sip on after a day in the sun.  This is a beer for a cold autumn evening.  This one gets an 7 of out 10, though I’ll see how the night goes.  It might go up a point.  I definitely want another.

Irish Stout, brew with oysters.

Irish Stout, brew with oysters.

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