Granville Island Brewing, Lions Winter Ale


When it is cold, I crave a certain type of beer.

At the very first sip, this reminds me of Whistler Brewing Company’s Chestnut Ale.  Please allow me to repeat, reminds me of.  Delicious, especially on this -20 day, when I really should be packing to move apartments (and I’ve just burnt three pieces of bacon…sadness ensues), but not quite the Chestnut.


First, the specs.

5.5%, and an IBU rating of 22.  Made by Granville Island Brewing.

Now, this is a robust beer, and the label says to pair it with comfort food.  Strong notes of cocoa, vanilla, and definitely caramel.  Not as balanced as it could be, there is a bit of a jager-like medicine taste.  (Which, oddly enough, the burnt bacon seems to reduce.  Well, bacon is a comfort food, I suppose.)

Nice, almost ruby colour.  I bit of head, but it faded quickly.  the vanilla and caramel really come through in the scent.  There is not much sweetness to it, which I enjoy.  Maybe the sweetness, which I don’t really enjoy, has been cancelled out by a slight addition of hops.  There also not much aftertaste, the beer fading quickly from my palette.

Oh, wait, look at that.  the Granville Island website says a perfect pairing is with bacon.  Even with burnt bacon, I agree.

I’ll give this a solid 7 out of 10.



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