Lot 9, Creemore

Smooth, easy, pilsner.


Lot 9 is a very drinkable pilsner from Creemore.  Yes, I’m drinking it from a Steam Whistle glass, just ignore that small detail.  I cracked into this one after working under the sun in the garden for a bit, and by working I mean picking raspberries with my cat on a leash while my wife pulled the weeds.  It was great.

It was warm outside, and the beer was cold, which is my preferred way to drink a pilsner.  Anything else just doesn’t work right for me.  I found this one very similar to Steam Whistle, though if it were cold winter night I’d reach for something a little more hearty.  It’s clean, and clear, and really does seem to embody everything a beer should have.


Specs?  It’s 4.7%, with the IBU’s at 25.  Really, I’ve got nothing bad to say about this one.  I did drink it from a can, so I’d love to try from a bottle, or on tap.  Got more to it than the regular Creemore Lager, and I like it much more than Creemore’s Kellerbier or Urbock.  Easily an 8 out of 10.


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