Goose Island IPA

goose-island-IPAAccidentally found myself in the liquor store today.  Wasn’t planning on picking anything up, but there I was, just browsing while my wife went looking for her cider.  Usually, I turn down the free samples offered, but I wasn’t driving, and the free sample was beer.  Done and done.

The glorious nectar offered was an IPA from Goose Island Beer Co.  I’ve seen it before, but never picked any up.

Here, check out their site.

Its got a strong, hoppy scent, but a much different hoppy flavour than other IPA’s I’ve had.  The citrus is different, more malt in the flavour I suppose.  Much stronger smell than taste.  I’m glad I took that sample.  Picked up a few cans.  Gah, I can’t stop smelling it, it smells so good.  A lingering finish, the taste remains.  Says its a good pairing with a curry, which is odd because I’ve a a chicken curry planned for tonight.  Like it was meant to be.

It’s a 5.9%.  Label says its a Strong Ale, but I’m not getting that.  This one is good, if you like the Muskoka Detour, or the Amsterdam Cruiser, I’d give this one a try.  9 out of 10.

Ignore the Cinnamon Bun, we've been baking...

Ignore the Cinnamon Bun, we’ve been baking…

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