MiIl Street Cassis


So, here in Toronto we are blessed by an awesome little brew pub called Mill Street.  Like Steam Whistle and Amsterdam, it’s one of my favourites here in the city.  They have some great standard beers that you can always buy in the beer store here, and a much largest (seasonal) menu in the restaurants.  I picked up a 6 pack the other day that included 6 different Mill Street beers.  Most of them I’ve had (Tankhouse Ale is one of my all time favourites) but there was a new little guy sitting in there that I’d never heard of before.

mill-street-cassis-2So, allow me to introduce you to Mill Street Cassis.

Alright, right off the bat I know some of you are gonna say no.  It’s a fruit beer.  Brewed with fruit?  Nope.  But come on, you really need to give this one a chance.  It’s available only in the summer, Cassis is a wheat beer with a slight ‘black currant” flavour.  It pours a deep copper colour, with a good head of a slightly pink colour.  Serve it well chilled on a hot day for best results.

Not stellar, but not bad by any means.  Bottle says “refreshingly dry”, but it’s not really.  Huh, the more I write the more I realize that this was more mediocre than I thought…strange.  Maybe this is case of reading too many other reviews and letting them sabotage my taste buds.  I did really enjoy this, and I’ll pick it up again.  Maybe this calls for a trip to the brew pub itself to see if they’ve still got the Cassis on tap…

7 out of 10

Good beer for a lazy summer day

Good beer for a lazy summer day


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