Autumn Hop Harvest Ale


Autumn Hop Harvest Ale

Every time I think to myself, “I should write a blog post about the amazing beers I have”, I realize that life does get in the way.  And this is just another one of those times.  I started writing this months ago, and then…life happened and it got let behind.  Well, today, life can take a back seat while I try to spread the word of this delicious beer!  Made by Amsterdam Brewery in Toronto, this is their Autumn Hop, and this is one I really enjoyed.  Seasonal, I believe, but oh my is it crisp.


It is an American Pale Ale, made using fresh hops instead of dried pellets.  The hops are farmed from up in Collingwood, not too far north of the city.  Details?  It’s 5.6%, and 60 IBU.  This is deceiving, the crispness and rich flavour don’t come out bitter at all.  The aroma is smooth, much subtler than a hoppy IPA.  A few friends thought the malt overwhelmed the hops, but I`m not convinced of this.

Now, I had this pretty soon after bottling, so maybe the flavours would have increased over time.  I will have to nab another bottle to find out.  Crisp, but not too clean.  Hops has a way of making something seem earthy and a little dirty.  Often, I find that a pilsner or a strong, hoppy IPA gets to be a bit much for an evening of steady drinking.  With the Autumn Hop, this might not be the case.  There are definite fruity notes that emerge after pouring and sitting for a few, and I really think this could be something that gets better after a few steady pints as the night goes on.

9 out of 10 here.  It is a seasonal brew though, so get it when you can.



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